Wednesday, February 28, 2007

EngineerSupply announces new supply line of Leica Geosystems

EngineerSupply today announces that Leica Geosystems brand of products will be featured in its supply chain. After careful review, EngineerSupply decided that Leica Geosystems would make an excellent fit for their current supply chain.

EngineerSupply will provide sales and support for the line of Disto Laser Distance Measuring Devices that Leica Geosystems manufacturers. Leica Geosystems manufactures professional-grade laser distance measuring devices for construction and surveying professionals.

The new partnership will allow EngineerSupply to source Leica Geosystems Disto line of products quickly and efficiently. Being able to readily source from Leica Geosystems will allow EngineerSupply the ability to ship fresh products to their customers.'s customers include Professionals from the Architectural, Engineering, and Construction Industry.

EngineerSupply is a fully authorized factory Leica Geosystems Dealer.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Want to Learn More about Blueprint Storage Solutions?

The Product Team created an article that explains how people deal with blue print storage solutions. I feel the article helps get your thought process started and quickly gets you going in the right direction. Read the entire article here.

Want to Learn More about Construction Laser Levels?

The product team at EngineerSupply put together a document that helps explain construction laser levels. Laser levels are basically grouped or divided into three categories. They are; Plumb or Dot Lasers, Line Level Lasers (Also known as Laser Line Generators), and Rotary Level Lasers.

Read the document that explains Construction Laser Levels here

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Leica Geosystems Laser Distance Measuring Tool

The Leica "Disto" is one tool that many estimators, insurance professionals, engineers, architects, surveyors, and designers cannot live without. Highly accurate, quality-built professional-grade tools. Loaded with features, the Leice Distos impressed the EngineerSupply product management team members.

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Scalex Plan Measuring and Estimators Tools

For anyone that needs to quickly and accurately perform estimations and take-offs, the Scalex measuring tools are a real time saver. Increased accuracy, and time saved, I dont know if you can ask for much more out of a tool. We've used the Scalex product before and it is a well-built product, solid construction, and just feels good in your hand. It doesnt feel like it is cheaply built. The scales it will handle are Engineering, Architectural, Metric, and also an Auto Scale. The Auto Scale will allow the user the ability to roll the drawing scale bar and the Scalex calibrates itself to your drawings scale even if its some arbitrary scale due to shrinkage/expansion from the drawing being copied on a copy machine. It's a great product and is highly recommended.

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