Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Training Tables that are small , large and adjustable

If you're looking for Training Tables that are small, large, and or adjustable, we might have what need. Brands like Mayline, Kendall Howard, and Studio Designs when it comes to office furniture.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Battery Powered Heated Construction Jacket

This heated Construction Jacket by Bosch works great on the job site during those cold mornings or days that you need more warmth. It is water and wind resistant and we here at EngineerSupply own them ourselves and have been very impressed with this product. 

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Construction Heaters

Get prepared now for winter work by ordering a construction job site heater. We sell TPI brand heaters and fans as they are a USA-based manufacturer and produce high-quality products that are built to last the rigors of a daily use within the construction field. With electric space heaters you don't have to worry about running out of fuel and they are much lighter in weight than fuel powered heaters. Many models have wheels which make them easily movable in the event they are in someones way on the job site. These work great when heating or drying out basements and spaces before the permanent heating system is installed. Get prepared now before winter arrives and consider ordering one or more heaters for your crews.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Answer Questions Before they are Asked

When I started working years ago, my first few jobs were fork lift operator in a warehouse, an auto mechanic, and a few other jobs before landing a position with a local Land Surveyor as an Instrument Man. That's when things to me started to make sense. For some reason I was very interested in location and mapping the world around me. From there it took me into the world of GIS (Geographic Information Systems) and Utility Mapping while working with a large University Campus and their vast network of underground utilities such as steam tunnels, water lines, sewer and communications as well as chilled water lines used for cooling large indoor spaces.

The one thing I was taught early on was to answer questions BEFORE they are asked whenever it made sense to do so. For example, a supervisor of mine asked a question "Who can we ask about the operation of a Sewage Treatment Plant in that area?" , (he was asking an operator question that a design Engineer would not normally know the answer to). Keep in mind this was before the Internet was operational or even invented. An Engineer I worked with was able to find a yellow pages book for that area, get in touch with 2 operators in the area we were designing for and got the names and phone numbers for 2 different STP Operators. He went back to his supervisor with the names of the operators, their phone numbers, the name of the company's they worked for, and he even took it a step further. Knowing we were designing a clarifier I called a local construction company that had built Sewage Treatment Plants before and got the names fo the company's that actually made the clarifier equipment and he provided all that information to his supervisor. The Engineer went above further ahead and gathered information knowing our supervisor would need more information. If he didn't, it was wasted time, but the chances of it saving time while you're into it made sense and paid off.

Learning from the Engineer I worked with years ago, and now managing EngineerSupply, I see this with our ability to answer our customer service questions before they are asked. For example, someone contacts us asking if we have an interior laser level. We respond with not just a "yes we do", but an email stating yes, we have interior laser levels, and point them out, name the various brands of laser levels, and show prices. We mention that some are powered with alkaline batteries and some have rechargeable battery packs and that many times the various models will only do one or other other and not interchangeable between alkaline and rechargeable. Working this way by going a step further by answering questions before they are asked is extremely helpful and efficient. I always think of the worst case scenario where someone emails us asking if we have (for example) a T-Square for drafting. Our customer service replies with "yes we have those". Then the customer replies, "what do they cost?", then our customer service replies "they range from $12 to $30". Then the customer replies to that asking "what length are they?" and our person replies "we have various lengths" and the customer replies "do you have a 24" model?" and it goes on and on back and forth until someone either gives up or 2 days have passed. We train with this scenario as an example and try to always answer questions before they are asked. In this example the customer would ask "Do  you have T-Square for Drafting?", our reply should be something like this; "Yes, we do have T-Squares for Drafting. We have various lengths to choose from. If you let me know the length of the one you're looking for I can email you a link to the product page. They vary in length and price and here is the link to our page that shows all the drafting t-squares we sell."

Thursday, September 03, 2015

Get the Most out of our Learning Center

Get the most out of our learning center by taking the time read our articles and buying guides for engineering supplies, blueprint storage products, and surveying equipment. Our collection of help articles and buying guides serve to explain the differences between various products, as well as how to use some of the products we sell.