Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Distance Measuring Tools

If you're looking for Distance Measuring Tools, such as Laser Measuring Tools, or Laser Distance Measurers, Measuring Tapes, Engineers Tapes, Surveyors Tapes, and more, we got em !

Friday, January 22, 2010

Seco 8292 Class 2 Safety Utility Vest

A NEW Safety Vest by Seco, the 8292 Class 2 Safety Utility Vest is a smart choice.

Also, if you're interested, this quickly explains what makes a Safety Vest Class 2 or Class 3

Class II safety vests are designed for workers who need greater visibility in poor weather conditions, and who are exposed to roadways with traffic that exceeds 25 miles per hour. Class II vests are ideal for railway workers, school crossing guards, parking and toll gate personnel, airport ground crews and law enforcement personnel directing traffic. According to ANSI standards, class II vests must have 775 square inches of background material, and 201 square inches of reflective material. Class III vests provide the highest level of visibility and are designed for workers exposed to high-risk environments and traffic exceeding 50 miles per hour. Class III vests have sleeves and are made for all roadway construction personnel and vehicle operators, utility workers, survey crews, emergency responders, railway workers and accident site investigators. ANSI requirements also state that class III vests have 1240 square inches of background material and 310 square inches of reflective material.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Surveyors Field Books, Engineers Journal Books

Remember, we have surveyors field books, transit and level books, and engineers journal books specially priced.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Calculated Industries Prexiso X2 Laser Distance Measure 3350

Easy to Use, Fast and Precise. The Calculated Industries PREXISO X2 is a one-person laser measuring tool for distances, areas and volumes. This is a great little tool for the price!

Friday, January 15, 2010

We announce the New EngineerSupply!

January 15, 2010

EngineerSupply, a leading supplier of engineering, surveying and construction equipment, is proud to announce the launch its redesigned web store. EngineerSupply’s newly updated webstore offers quick navigation through our wide variety of engineering, surveying and construction equipment.

The updated professional design gives customers a simple yet fulfilling online shopping experience. Products are easy to find with our user-friendly navigation. Purchases are quick and simple. Customer information is kept secure with sophisticated security safeguards. Customers can login to our website to check on their order at anytime. This will display current order status as well as a tracking number if it has shipped.

Professionals around the country can access EngineerSupply’s impressive collection of products, tips and techniques, and other instructional material. EngineerSupply offers everything a local walk-in store has, with the addition of low prices and extensive educational resources. We offer online access to press releases, industry news, media guides, product demos, tutorials and much more.

"The newly-redesigned Webstore is the direct result of our commitment to offer the best service to professionals in the surveying, construction and engineering communities" says Rob Powell, owner of EngineerSupply. "Updates to EngineerSupply.com have been developed from customer feedback. We will continue to listen to customer comments and upgrade our services to better serve them.”

In addition to the updated webstore EngineerSupply has added links to social networking services. This provides a unique opportunity to EngineerSupply customers, allowing them to easily communicate with EngineerSupply.com. Customers can receive EngineerSupply updates through a wide variety of sources. EngineerSupply’s Twitter Page helps members keep track of site updates and information. Our online Facebook Fan Page allows customers and industry professionals to share thoughts and questions. EngineerSupply’s YouTube Page offers informative product videos and tutorials to help customers understand the products and services we offer. Our new website makes it easy for users to sign up for updates and promotional alerts through Email Alerts and our blog through RSS Feeds. In addition to making customer feedback easier EngineerSupply will use these resources to offer specials to network members. Such specials include coupons, closeout and overstock notifications, free shipping offers and other exclusive promotions.

The look has been updated, but the address is the same. Experience it all at www.engineersupply.com!

About EngineerSupply
EngineerSupply is constantly expanding its product line and assists many professionals in areas such as engineering, construction, design, surveying, estimating, law enforcement and more. The trained customer service team is available to help with any customer questions and concerns. Its conception was based on its teams' years of experience working in the engineering and surveying industry both using the products and seeing a need to a single resource for engineers, surveyors, and construction professionals. EngineerSupply represents the most reputable brands in the industry for engineering supplies, land surveying equipment, blueprint storage, measuring wheels, measuring tapes, and construction equipment. EngineerSupply is a privately held company and was started in 1999. EngineerSupply.com has been serving our customers since 1999. More information can be found at the company’s website, ww.engineersupply.com