Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Save Money with Plotter Paper

In this economy everyone is looking to save some money. Taking 5 minutes out of your day to compare the price of Plotter Paper (also known as "Large Format Printer Paper") for you or your company can save a lot of money in the short and long term depending on how much paper you use. EngineerSupply carries all sizes and types of plotter paper and at low prices, and even more savings due to it's delivered right to your door. Take the hassle out of plotter paper shopping and get it delivered. Please look at our online selection of Plotter Paper and see how we can help you save money.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Easily Calculate Distance with Stadia

Stadiametric rangefinding, or the stadia method, is used to quickly measure distances with an engineer's transit, theodolites, or auto-level and a graduated rod (Please note that most Total Stations do not have stadia markings). The instrument must be used on a level surface for this method to work correctly. This Stadia range finding is good for locating topographic details such as fields, rivers, bridges, buildings, and roads.

An instrument equipped for stadia work has two horizontal stadia marks spaced an equal distance from the center crosshair of the reticle. The distance between the stadia markings usually have a stadia interval factor of 100. This is important to know when calculating the distance between the instrument and the stadia rod.

To estimate distance with the stadia measuring method, hold the stadia rod so that it can be seen between the two stadia marks on the instrument's reticle (as pictured). With the Stadia Surveying Instrument focused on the rod, read the measurement markings on the stadia rod shown between the two stadia markings. The formula to calculate distance is D=R*S (Distance = Rod Reading Multiplied by the Stadia Constant.) The stadia constant is indicated on your instrument’s Users Manual. Most surveying Instruments have a Stadia constant of “100”. Therefore, if 6 feet is indicated on the rod, then the distance from the telescope to the rod is 600 ft. The calculation would look like this 100 * 6 ft = 600 ft. Stadia can give results accurate to about 1 foot under ideal conditions.

The stadia method of distance measurement is primarily used by professionals for a quick rough estimate and by those who primary task is not surveying. If you have any more questions about surveying instruments or would to purchase a tool to help you calculate stadia please visit EngineerSupply.com

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

EngineerSupply Expands Leica Surveying Equipment Product Line

EngineerSupply is proud to announce the expansion of their Leica Geosystems Product Line catalog. Some of these products include the Leica Roteo construction laser, the Leica Lino laser line generator and the Leica Digisystem for pipe and cable locating. EngineerSupply has been a long time supplier of Leica products and decided to expand their Leica product offering. Leica Geosystems provides high-quality spatial, construction, and land surveying instruments. EngineerSupply is confident in Leica as a manufacturer and is proud to partner with them in offering high-quality reliable products.

The Leica Digisystem is a comprehensive collection of gear providing everything needed to quickly easily and accurately locate utility pipe and cables underground. The Leica Digisystem locating instruments include the Digicat, Digimouse, Digitex and the Digitrace as well as many other accessories. These products work together to solve many common underground utility locating needs. The system is also used by many surveying, construction, and utility professionals to locate objects under ground. It can locate anything from surveyors nails, electrical cable, water lines, sewer pipes, manhole covers, any ferrous objects and more.

The Leica Lino Laser Level is a cross laser line generator the prefect tool for numerous tasks including cabinet installation, tiling, construction, chair rail installation, plumbing, hanging pictures, and much more! It will show a plumb vertical beam, and level horizontal beam and a 90 degree angle. It comes standard with many accessories to make it adaptable to numerous working needs and conditions. The Lino includes a mini-magnetic tripod for setting up on a surface or for magnetically attaching to a metal object like a beam.

The Leica Roteo Laser Level is an interior construction rotary laser. It comes in a kit making the perfect tool for interior levels needs. Interior rotary laser are ideal for installing drop ceilings, chair rails, electrical outlets, and much more. All of these products make a unique addition to the EngineerSupply channel of Leica products. It can also be set up to a 90 degree angle making it a great tool for setting roof pitch, stairs and anything that needs to be set at a precise angle.
EngineerSupply is a fully authorized factory Leica Geosystems Dealer. EngineerSupply is now able ship brand new factory fresh Leica products to their customers.

Improve Your Productivity with Dual Monitors

According to a study done by the University of Utah and ATI Technologies “multi-screen users get on task quicker, work faster and get more work done with fewer errors” said Dr. James Anderson, professor at the University of Utah. He even speculated that “…Multiple monitor configurations are poised to become the new standard in the workplace.”

Here’s some more information the study uncovered:
33% fewer errors
18% faster in error-less editing of multiple tasks
16% faster edits throughout the task
10% more error-less edits generated
6% quicker access to tasks (opening, sizing, aligning windows)
45% easier task tracking (finding windows, referencing text, etc.)
38% easier to move sources of information around
32% faster to perform tasks
29% more effective for tasks
24% more comfortable to use in tasks
19% easier to recover from mistakes
17% easier to learn how to accomplish the task

Making the change to multiple monitors is fairly easy. The main concern most people have is the amount of desk space 2 monitors require. ESI’s multi-monitor arm not only solves this problem but has numerous other benefits as well. First, it maximizes available space. It lifts the monitors off of the desk surface giving you more working space. Second, these mounts are adjustable so you can set the monitor to your specific needs. A well placed monitor can help alleviate neck, back and shoulder pain. And finally it’s good for the environment. They are made from a minimum of 99% post consumer recycled product (and is also recyclable.)

The ESI Dual-Monitor Multi-Mount Articulating Arms are very sturdy and can accommodate 1 to 6 monitors. For more information on this product and ESI’s fully line of ergonomical solutions visit EngineerSupply.com

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The Doc-Box Keeps Important Papers Safe and Secure While on the Job Site

The Doc-Box is a Permit Posting Box that protect plans & permits on the job site. It keeps permits and plans dry, clean and in place job after job. Crafted in the USA, it is extremely durable and is made to withstand inclement weather. The inside features a corrugated plastic tack board, an integrated rolled plan pocket and an aluminum prop arm to keep the cover open while in use. There are different models available for different needs including with or without shatterproof viewing window and with or without steel bodied cam lock with 2 keys.

This product is recommended by Inspection Departments but don’t just take our word on it, please read one of our customer reviews… "I own a custom home building business and was having a really hard time keeping my plans and permits protected and out where the inspectors and subs could locate them. I finally found the Doc-Box and have never been so happy. They are so professional looking and keep everything so nice and neat. I don't think I will ever have to replace another permit again. The inspector was impressed and wants all of the builders to use them. I am so glad you offer such a wonderful and really needed product. I am going to order them for every job. Thank you” -Lisa