Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Keson Electronic Digital Distance Measuring Wheel

Every now and then we'll review a product thats new to the AEC industry and it'll catch our eye as a real star product, a real performer. One product that stuck out is the new Keson 401E Electronic Distance Measuring Wheel. The frame is metal and has very nice welds. The handle folds down and has a really nice metal locking mechanism that feels solid and that it will last a long time. I think this wheel would hold up under abusive conditions, although I don't recommend abusing any tool and feel you probably feel the same. But, looking at the 401E you can tell that Keson has made this product for the professional user. The rubber grip on the handle doesn't feel cheap. It has a rubber feel and not vinyl. The counter is solid and not thin feeling. The spokes are nice and thick. Keson is obviously making this measuring wheel and is proud of what they make and even advertise that you can wash the counter off using a water hose! We're proud to be selling the 401E. Yes, you can save money and buy another brand of wheel, but I really think we can stand behind the quality of the Keson 401E. The counter has large digits that you can easily see from standing up and walking behind the measuring wheel during use. You can lock the counter so your measurement wont get erased from wheel movement (say you're heading back to the car without something to write the last measured distance on). After getting a measurement, you can convert it cycling through the different units of measure like feet, feet/inches, feet/tenths, and metric. With mechanical wheels you can only measure in the single units of measure (whatever the counter is set up to be). With the 401E, you can measure in any of the units of measure mentioned.

Some of the features that we think stand out the most:

Just the overall quality in the entire frame, wheel, and the counter.

The handle of this tool folds down so you can store the product in the trunk of your car or toolbox.

The handle has a reflector on it which helps oncoming cars see you.

The kickstand isnt one-sided. The kickstand wraps around and you dont have to put it up or down, you simply lean back and start rolling and measuring. Then tilt the wheel over onto the kickstand when you want to stop and write down your measurements.

Electronic Counter has automatic shut-off to save your batteries.

The LCD display lights up for low-light usage (say at dawn or dusk).

Large one-inch tall digits on the electronic counter make it easy to read.