Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Keson Pocket Rod in Feet and Tenths

The Keson Pocket Rod is a Land Surveyors Handy Tool. Its quicker than extending and setting up a grade rod, and its much lighter to carry around then a grade rod. A great tool for surveyors that do construction stake-out work. Law Enforcement that do Accident Reconstruction can find this tool to be very handy as well, since it'll fit in the trunk of a car.

Leica Disto D210XT Laser Distance Measuring Tool

A lot of manufacturer's talks about robustness, but only few go to such lengths as Leica Geosystems. To be sure that their laser distance meters operate precisely even in very harsh conditions, they test it at every stage of its development. The Leica DISTO D210XT is the only one, protected against jet water and is completely sealed against dust according to the IP 65 certificate. This is a professional grade laser distance measuring tool.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Slope Measuring Tools

If you want a tool that will measure slope, try a clinometer. They're great for measuring slope in a hurry. Some are digital, like the Johnson Level Electronic Inclinometer, and some require no batteries like the Suunto Clinometer 802575. Slope measuring tools can be used by various professions from Professional Land Surveyors to Golf Course Designers and Maintenance Personnel, to Ski Slope Maintenance Pros.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Northwest Instrument Self-Leveling Rotary Laser NINEXPK802

The Northwest Instrument NINEXPK802 Rotary Laser Level is a new model from NWI that is both interior and exterior as it includes both sets of accessories. For the money, this laser can't be beat in terms of what's included. The NINEXPK802 comes with a ceiling/wall mount, laser detector, tripod, grade rod, hard carrying case, and user manual. With an operating range of 800 feet when using the NLD5G Detector, a leveling accuracy of 1/16" at 100 feet, and grade mode, this laser is the best all-around rotary laser we've seen yet.

General CADD Surveyor 3D

Contouring and COGO features in General CADD Surveyor 3D !

Monday, June 07, 2010

The AGATEC 11-0353 CL185 Self Leveling Cone Laser

The AGATEC 11-0353 CL185 Self Leveling Cone Laser is perfect for athletic field applications such as baseball fields, football fields, and more. With its cone laser, you can set it up to grade a field for the proper design criteria that athletic fields require. It avoids having to do multiple setups and also allows for greater accuracy due to its ability to grade in multiple directions without having to turn a regular grade laser multiple directions.

Friday, June 04, 2010

Pacific Laser Systems PLS180 System (PLS-60522)

If you're interested in Laser Level Reviews, the Pacific Laser Systems PLS180 System (PLS-60522) is one of the best and most useful laser levels we have seen in a long time. With its 180-degree sweep it has a vertical and horizontal beam. The PLS lasers have a tough case and feel like a solid tool in your hand and not like something that will break only after a few uses. The PLS 180 will be a solid tool in your toolbox for many years. It'll pay for itself over and over as you'll find new uses for it each week. We recommend you buy the system model since it includes the laser detector. It's best to buy a detector up front since you'll need it for outdoor use sooner or later. To date we have yet to see a PLS 180 get returned.