Friday, May 29, 2009

Close-Out Price on Schonstedt MAC-51Bx

Buy the Schonstedt MAC-51Bx while inventory holds out. The MAC-51Bx is a Magnetic Locator that has a dual-purpose function, that of a Pipe and Cable Locator. This tool works great for Land Surveyors, Utility Professionals, and City Departments. It comes with a Transmitter that you can induce a signal on any metallic pipe or cable, then use the Reciever to locate. Or, find any ferrous metal (if a magnet will stick to it, it'll locate it) buried underground such as rebar, water pipe, ductile iron, welded wire fabric, using the Magnetic Locator feature. Close out price is the lowest price in order to move these as quickly as possible. Three year manufacturers warranty included.