Thursday, March 29, 2012

Professional Measuring Tapes and Tools

Want a Professional Grade Measuring Tape? Try the Keson brand of measuring tapes, rules, and measuring tools.

Monday, March 26, 2012

EngineerSupply adds DuraWheel DuraWheel Digi-PRO Digital to its supply line

EngineerSupply, a leading online distributor of construction equipment, tools and land surveying supplies has added the DuraWheel Digi-PRO digital distance measuring wheel to its already extensive offering of distance measuring wheels.

The DuraWheel Digi-PRO offers a number of benefits over its mechanical counterparts. Unlike mechanical measuring wheels that typically measure in only one unit of measure, the Digi-PRO's digital counter allows the user to convert to different units of measure on the fly — feet, feet/inches, feet/tenths, meters, meters/centimeters, meters/decimeter, yards and yards/inches. The wheel also boasts an auto shut-off feature, a trigger brake, sealed roller bearings, a folding handle and a carrying case. These features make the Digi-PRO an ideal choice for general construction, property appraisals, paving, commercial roofing, civil engineering and buildings and grounds maintenance.

EngineerSupply is a factory-authorized dealer for the complete line of DuraWheel distance measuring wheels.

About EngineerSupply
Since 1999, EngineerSupply has met the equipment needs of professionals in engineering, construction, design, surveying, estimating, law enforcement and other fields. The privately held, Lynchburg, Va.-based company has a constantly expanding product line and a customer service team with years of experience in the engineering and land surveying industries.

More information can be found at the company's website,

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Keson Tools

Keson Tools offers a wide variety of measuring tools such as distance measuring wheels, measuring tapes, and paint marking wheels. Keson manufacturers fiberglass measuring tapes, open face measuring tapes, pocket rods, and surveyors measuring tapes. Keson also manufacturers measuring wheels in various sizes and measuring units that fit almost any application when a quick estimation of distance is required. Kesons quality and warranty are two good reasons to buy Keson.

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Laser Measuring Tapes for the Professional

Professional Grade Laser Measuring Tapes can save you a ton of time when measuring interiors of buildings as well as exteriors. Laser Measuring Tapes are great for estimators, designers, realtors, contractors, and other construction related professionals. Laser Distance Tapes can be used as great layout tools as well.

AGL Lasers

AGL Lasers manufacturers once of the highest quality rotary laser levels on the market. We're very impressed with their quality and service level.

Factory Authorized Dietzgen Paper Dealer

We are a factory-authorized Dietzgen dealer. We carry Dietzgen Cad Paper, Plotter Paper, Diazo Paper, Bond, Wide Format Copy Paper, Drafting Vellum, and more.

Rhino Rulers Folding Measuring Tapes

Rhino Rulers Folding Measuring Tapes are very reliable and well made from a fiberglass type of material. If you want a folding ruler that fits in your pocket, is quick to open and use, and that doesn't wear out easily, try the Rhino Ruler. Simply put, you're getting more for your money due to the quality and long-lasting construction. Tapes come in various models of Engineers Rule, Brick Spacing Rule, Carpenters Rule, and Metric Rule.