Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Parallel Drawing Bars and Drafting Straightedges

Despite the many advances in CAD Drafting, Manual Drafting is still very popular with many Architects, Engineers, Designers and Graphic Artists as well as Schools and Universities. Straightedges, also known as Parallel Bars, are a useful tool for drafting. They provide a horizontal guide for drawing and are used to support drafting triangles, stencils, and can even be used to help cut paper. We carry two brands of straightedges, Mayline and Spiroll. They are both exceptional straightedges here are some highlights of their most popular features.

Mayline Parallel Straightedges
Mayline has 6 optional straight edge lengths ranging from 30” to 60”. Above-board mounting hardware is included.

Mayline Straightedges have 2 options for wheels Delrin and Metal. The Delrin rollers are made from plastic and are best for use on materials such as Mylar. The metal rollers are made of chrome and are best for use on vellum and other paper medium. The rollers alternate the full length of the straightedge and allow the straightedge to ride smoothly over the surface of the drawing.

Mayline also has an E-Z grip feature. This is a "cap" that mounts on the top of the parallel straightedge and makes it easy to pick up and move the straightedge. This is helpful if you are using inks and do not want the straightedge to smudge your work before it dries.

Mayline also offers an optional “armor-edge”. This is a durable thin strip of metal that is on the leading edge of the straightedge. It should be used when cutting with a razor blade.

Spiroliner Parallel Straightedges
The Spiroliner is a parallel straight edge that can be used to ruling or cutting. It is made in the USA and come with Top mounts so it can be attached, partial or full length, to any drafting board. The secure mounting system insures that your straight edge will remain in alignment no matter what height you have it set at. All Spiroliner straightedges also come with a one-year warranty against manufacturer's defects.

Eliminates Smudging:
Elevated slightly above the surface of the drawing table, Spiroliner does not contact the surface of the drawing. It glides on wheels located at each end of the structural extruded aluminum blade. No rollers in the bottom of the blade to smudge or damage your drawing.

Removable Replaceable Transparent Ruling Edge:
The extruded acrylic ruling edge accommodates technical and ruling pens, lead pencils, felt tipped pens, etc. The acrylic edge is replaceable

Nick-Proof Cutting Edge:
The structural aluminum Spiroliner blade has a durable hardened anodized surface providing a cutting straightedge which is virtually "nick-proof." Relocate the transparent ruling edge to the lower groove of the blade to expose the metal cutting edge.

Dual Brakes:
Two brakes are standard on all Spiroliners. Use one to prevent parallel rule from sliding down inclined board surface, locking the other brake frees both hands for drawing.

Surveyors Field Books, Engineers Journal Books

Despite the many recent developments in digital point recording, surveying field books are still a staple in the surveying industry. A field book can be used to record important points which will be a vital tool when deciphering the points collected. Use a survey field book to record important information in the field that you will need to later reference once back in the office.

Field books come in a variety of different formats for the many different methods of use. There are Mining Transit Books, Transit field books, Level book, field book, Engineers field books and Cross section field books. Each type of book features a different grid to make it ideal for its intended use. They also come in a variety of different sizes including Pocket and King sized as well as one job field books. The pocket sized field book is small and portable and the one job field book is ideal for students who need a smaller field book for classes, regardless if they go to a high school, college, community college or university.

Doc-Box Building Permit Display Boxes and Weather Proof Enclosures

Many builders and contractors have a hard time finding a professional, reliable, and economical way to post building permits on the work site. Eliminate the hassle of having to reorder permits due to damage or lose. Keep them safe and organized with Doc-Box Document Protector.

Whether you need to display a single individual building permit, store large commercial plans or need an all-weather bulletin board, Doc-box offers a wide range of document display boxes so you’re sure to find a doc-box able to meet your needs. Some have optional display windows others have locks the choice is yours! Click here to see the full line of Doc-Box products.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Safety Vests

Contractors, Surveyors, Highway Workers, Engineers all wear Safety Vests, Safety Apparel, Utility Vests, Traffic Vests, Reflective Vests, Traffic Safety Vests, ANSI Safety Vests, Surveying Vests, all offer visibility and safety on the job site. We offer Utility Vests and Safety Vests in a variety of colors such as orange, yellow, red, and in reflective high-visibility fluorescent materials and colors.