Thursday, September 24, 2009

Google SketchUp

Recently I came across Google SketchUp and was very please with the application. Not only is it free but it’s also easy to use. Google SketchUp is a good tool for Construction, Engineering, Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Urban Planning and home owners. Here’s some information I pulled off Google’s website.

SketchUp: pencil meets processor Let's face it: drawing on the computer hasn't exactly lived up to its hype. CAD may be good for drafting, but conceptual design is a whole different matter. SketchUp Pro is quick to learn and intuitive to use, meaning it stays out of the way of your creative process. You'll spend less time hunting for tools and reading manuals, and more time working

Construction companies and Engineering firms use SketchUp to quickly and effectively communicate 3D information, enhancing collaboration and ensuring a shared vision. Architects use SketchUp at every stage of the building design process. Architects tell us that SketchUp works the way they think, allowing them to go back and forth between pencil and computer to visualize complicated spatial relationships in 3D.

Google SketchUp has accurate measurements so your models have a precise dimension. You can build models that are as accurate as you need them. SketchUp's also lets you create, optimize and alter 3D terrain. You can generate a smooth landscape from a set of imported contour lines, add berms and valleys for runoff, and create a building pad and driveway.

For more information on Google SketchUp click here,

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Scalex PlanWheel

If you want to measure plans the fast, accurate way, then the Scalex PlanWheel XLU 2 is it. The Scalex PlanWheel XLU 2 is a great plan take-off tool for entering linear measurements from your blueprints, maps, or plans. Just select the built-in scale factor to match the plan and roll the PlanWheel. The measurement is displayed instantly. The PlanWheel can connect to your computer with the optional Interface Kit. The kit works with all versions of Windows. To use simply roll the Scalex wheel along your print, then click to instantly transfer the measurement into your program. The scale link connects to your computer with one of two ways, either through a USB cord or wirelessly. The PlanWheel XLU 2 can be used without the interface kit if you desire to do so.

The Scalex Scale Link and The "Deluxe Kit" Scale-Link USB are specially suited for all Microsoft Windows construction estimating software. Also works with Excel, Access, Quatro Pro, Lotus 1-2-3, dBase, Paradox, Foxpro and other spreadsheets.